The team

Philip Holden is an experienced consultant, lecturer, researcher and a published author. With marketing experience spanning financial services, the voluntary sector, food, retail and others, Philip likes to combine social theory and behaviour change with a customer focus to inspire compelling marketing and communications. He’s also a founding member of the European Social Marketing Association and has taught at the University of Greenwich, the University of Brighton, Audencia Business School and Westminster Business School.

Philip is also a writer,artist,actor and director. Apart from stage work, he has appeared on TV and radio and written, presented and voiced corporate and training videos.

Julie Flower is a strategy and organisational development consultant with a passion for corporate creativity.  An experienced manager and leader in the private, public and voluntary sectors, she now delivers consultancy, training, development and coaching.  She has a strong interest in leadership, strategy and problem-solving within complex systems.


Julie is also a performance improviser in London with long-form group Classic Andy and Twinprov and loves incorporating improv techniques into her work to help teams innovate, communicate and collaborate. She blogs on creativity in organisational development as The Specialist Generalist and is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Brighton.

Richard Donaldson has over twenty years’ experience of transforming the impact of organisations through developing and delivering successful behaviour change strategies, services and projects. He is an expert in people-led change and ensuring organisations are truly “audience-centred”.

Richard has generated insight and designed interventions for public health departments and charities around the UK in areas as diverse as energy saving and mental health. He has also developed training and education for charities, local government and the National Social Marketing Centre.

Dr Nick Wilde is an expert in the marketing and management of sport internationally, with experience in retail and in marketing research. His doctorate at the University of Liverpool dealt with the motivations of fans buying football replica shirts He has worked with companies and universities in Europe and South America and Asia and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Nick is also one of the authors of a leading text on events management and marketing as well as having recently been appointed academic director of the innovative UCFB at Wembley Stadium.

Roddy Paine is an award-winning photographer and film maker. With a background in theatre,

Roddy runs a successful studio in the countryside of Kent, but is also often on location around the country (or several hundred feet above it) and runs two successful online businesses. His experience helps make creative decisions quickly and effectively, ensuring that the technology and the limitations of budget and time don’t get in the way of telling a compelling and engaging story.

Nick Wilde and Phil Holden founded Please Walk on the Grass as a result of working together on business-building and marketing projects and as teachers and researchers in marketing and especially social marketing, communications, sports and small businesses and organisations.

Together they wrote Marketing & PR one of the best selling books in the Business on a Shoestring series from A&C Black. The book established their approach to strategy and branding based on truth rather than trend.

As a result, they have been invited to present at business gatherings and conferences and set up Please Walk on the Grass as a central resource for everyone who wanted to accept (or criticise) their ‘creative challenge’. They have presented research in Canada, South America, India and Europe.

Nick and Phil are dedicated to developing new ways of looking at all forms of enterprise – for-profit and nonprofit and, as such, have developed an international network of consultants, researchers and creatives who can approach business in the similar, innovative ways whilst calling on a variety of experience in sectors and skills diverse as telecoms, education, charities, market research, food, advertising, branding, social enterprise, production engineering and logistics.


We also have a network of creative people who can write, shoot videos, invent training packages, print amazing things, organise events, build websites and all kinds of clever things. We'll introduce you if you like.