OK. You don't really want to know everything, do you?

You just need to know if we can do something useful for you.


So, years and years of experience writing compelling communications for all kinds of clients, from charities to food producers. So I guess you could say we're adaptable.

Amongst our creative friends we count published authors, award winning photographers and videographers, theatre directors, voice-over artists, graphic designers, even cake-makers.  All these people can talk to each other and inspire new ideas.


If what you really want is just an idea, or just a few well chosen words to promote your business or a single picture or a video script, or a single ad. We can do that.

And, if you really want to know why "please walk on the grass", it was inspired by this great sign in a Toronto park and it's because we want to confound expectations. We don't see the point in doing what every other agency does. We don't even like doing what every other agency does. Dammit, we're not an agency!

We just like solving problems. Using our intelligence and creativity.