Ideas (or what we can do for you)

Probe, prod, connect, think, imagine, question. There are all kinds of ways of expressing how we get to the right answer. But you probably just want a concrete example of what you (might) pay for. Right? SO here goes...


Big word that. What it really means is a sense of direction. When you're struggling to work out what your organisation should be doing, big thinking helps. But don't confuse us with consultants (who borrow your watch to tell you the time).

We want to enable you to make your strategy. After all, if it's not yours, why should you care?

We've helped companies change their business entirely and we've helped charities focus on how they can change behaviour. We've helped people who work together really work together (and enjoy it too).

We've written strategies and we've given people the courage to decide what it is they want most out of life.

All starting with a a chat over a (good) cup of coffee. You should try it.


Probably the most powerful tools we have as humans. Yet scary as hell too.

When you have to put down in writing what you want or what you stand for, or even what you're selling, it suddenly becomes daunting.

We'll make it a lot easier. Just talk to us and we can write for you, help you write and make sense of it all.

We've written brochures and scripts, speeches and ads. We've had books published and presented research at international conferences. Nothing fazes us.

(And if you hesitated over the word 'fazes', wondering if it should be 'phases', then you definitely need us. We do a neat job of proof reading your writing too.


​Images can be still or moving. They can be still and moving. They can also be trite and obvious.

But almost every plan to change something about your organisation, your brand or your customers starts with an image - however fuzzy it might seem right now.

We can help focus it

Remember before your audience has even paid attention to your message, they can often detect if they are being taken for a ride. So?

So we take care over images. Logos, corporate design, photography, video - we've done all these. But we start with truth.

Research and insight

In order to produce something that works, an idea, a piece of communication, a plan, you need insight. The only way you can get that is by asking awkward questions. Sometimes you know the answer, sometimes you have to ask other people. Research doesn't have to be complex or expensive, but it has to be well designed and honest. We know how to conduct research. Look here for more.